Do you have an NDIS package or need help to get one?

Is mental illness, disability or ASD impacting your life or your ability to function as you'd like to, or as you used to?

Are there barriers stopping you fulfilling your hopes and dreams?

Would you like someone you can rely on, to walk alongside you, to support you in your home or out in the community?

Do you have some goals for the future that always seem to be just out of reach?

Let Recovery 4 Life help you to map out the best way to achieve your NDIS goals!

About Us

What is Recovery 4 Life


Recovery 4 Life support people whose lives have been affected by mental illness or disability. We work together with you to identify your goals and develop a recovery action plan. Your support worker will then work with you on your personal recovery journey.

What We Believe


At Recovery 4Life we work from a strengths based, person centred approach. We believe that people are resilient and have developed many strengths along the way. We believe in empowerment and self determination. We believe in personal choice and we take the time to get to know you and understand your individual needs

Allow us to help you discover your better future!


Let our team of staff with lived experience support, guide and empower you. Let us share your journey and if your better future seems distant at the moment, let us share our hope, and carry yours, until you see it too.

NOTHING goes to waste on the journey of life! Both good and bad experiences shape your heart and mind for what is to come!

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Would you like support to help you to:

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Set some short, or long term goals
  • Learn ways to manage your mental health better
  • Learn strategies to manage your anxiety 
  • Support to connect with services in your local community
  • Connect with community activities or groups
  • Prepare for work or study
  • Support into work or study
  • Overcome addiction issues
  • Enlarge on your spiritual life
  • Improve your relationships
  • improve your health and fitness goals
  • Support to cook nutritious healthy food at home
  • Support with cooking and shopping
  • Support with budgeting and house keeping
  • Find a hobby 

Your Plan. Your Goals. Our Support

Many local connections in the northern suburbs of Adelaide

Also offering Support Coordination to Plan  Managed participants

Customer Testimonials

Thank you to Recovery 4 Life and the support they have given me to enable me to fulfill my dream goal of working. 

Before NDIS I was sleeping every day until 1pm and felt like there was no reason to get up, no purpose. After all, I hadn't worked for 25 years and what hope did I have for ever being employed again. However, the thoughts of working never went away. 

In less than 2 years of working with Recovery 4 Life, I have become employed and now work 3 days per week. I also attend the gym 2 - 3 days per week and am becoming stronger every day. 

My confidence and self-esteem have improved a lot and my family can't believe the changes they see in me. I also now enjoy taking care of myself, something I let go off a long time ago.

I get up most days at 6 or 7 am and feel that anything is possible.

I am soon to marry my beautiful partner Tony who has also supported me over the years!

All things are possible with the right support. I now feel like I have a complete life, with endless possibilities.

I still have my bad days, but I don't stay down for long. I have support and am learning ways of managing my illness, and not letting it always manage me. This is recovery!!

Thank you. 

  Love Paula      

Groups Now Available

Cooking Group

Art & Craft

10 Pin Bowling & 8 Ball

Attend Gorge Wildlife Park


Dolphin Cruise & Lunch

Lunch at the Blacksmith Inn

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We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with mental illness. It is our passion!

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